Privacy Policy

This section applies to the following websites:


  1. Protect the privacy of users, keep the personal information of Internet users confidential, and shall not disclose it to others without the consent of Internet users, except as otherwise stipulated by law. Only when government agencies require us to disclose users' personal data in accordance with legal procedures will the website provide users' personal data to law enforcement agencies in accordance with the law or for the purpose of maintaining public safety, and assume no legal responsibility.
  1. Users register their personal information voluntarily. Users are required to provide some personal information when subscribing to relevant information. All information provided by users at the time of subscription is voluntary and users have the right to refuse to provide such information at any time. Users who have registered their personal information agree to use the information in good faith.


  1. This website USES server software with high reliability in the industry and supports secure encryption protocol. We will use this software and adopt various methods to ensure that the information provided by users is not accessed illegally to the greatest extent.


  1. Jointly maintain the security of user name and password. Once the user is registered successfully, they will be given a unique user name and password. Users shall properly keep your user name and password and shall not tell others, otherwise the risks and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by users themselves. The user is solely responsible for all activities and events performed under the user name. Users can change your password as needed at any time. If you find any illegal use of your username, please inform us immediately.


  1. The service provided by the website will automatically collect information about visitors, including the number of visitors, visiting time, visiting page, visiting address, etc., which will be used by the website to analyze our server and manage the website. This website USES the cookie function, so that users will not repeatedly browse to the same content and can get the latest information. The website will store and obtain user login information, but we will not use cookies to track any personal information. Even in the case of cookies, we will not know your personal information unless you explicitly inform us.


  1. This website contains links to other sites, and we are not responsible for the content and privacy policies of these sites.


  1. If you think we have violated the above principles at any time, please notify us by email or telephone, and we will do our best to solve the problem within a reasonable and appropriate scope immediately.