Corporate Information
Executive Directors

Mr. PAN Haihong                                                  Mr. ZHOU Guilin

Non-executive Directors

Mr. HUANG Qun                                                    Mr. WANG Wenming

Mr. CHENG Jinyun                                                 Mr. YE Yunzhi

Independent non-executive Directors

Mr. Xu Wei                                                                Mr. JIN Hongqing

Mr. TSOI Ka Shing


Ms. XIE Yanli                                                             Ms. YANG Mengjie

Mr. XIE Huihui

Principal place of business in Hong Kong

40/F, Sunlight Tower,No. 248 Queen’s Road East,Wanchai
Hong Kong

Registered office and headquarters in the PRC

Qianyangxia Village,​Wenqiao Town,Wenling City Zhejiang Province

Auditors and reporting accountants

Certified Public Accountants
8th Floor, Prince’s Building,10 Chater Road Central, Hong Kong

Compliance adviser

Cinda International Capital Limited
45/F, Cosco Tower,183 Queen’s Road Central
Hong Kong

H Share Registrar and Transfer Office

Tricor Investor Services Limited
Level 54, Hopewell Centre,183 Queen’s Road East
Hong Kong

legal advisers to our company

As to Hong Kong Laws                                                                   As to the PRC Laws

Stevenson,Wong&Co.                                                                    AllBright Law Offices

in association with AllBright Law Offices                           9/F,11/F-12/F,Shanghai Tower

39/F,Gloucester Tower                                                                   No.501 Yincheng Middle Road

The Landmark                                                                                   Pudong New Area

15 Queen's Road Central                                                             Shanghai

HongKong                                                                                           PRC

Legal advisers to the Sole Sponsor and the Underwriters

As to Hong Kong Laws                                                                 As to the PRC Laws 

Chungs Lawyers                                                                              Jingtian & Gongchen

28/F,Henlry Building                                                                     Suite 45/F,K.Wah Centre

5 Queen's Road Central                                                               1010 Huaihai Road(M)

HongKong                                                                                           Xuhui District

                                                                                                                   Shanghai 200031


Principal banks

China Construction Bank Corporation Wenling Wenqiao Sub-branch
No. 189 Middle Street Wenqiao Town
Wenling City, Zhejiang Province

Industrial Bank Co., Ltd. Taizhou Wenling Sub-branch
1/F, Jianlian Building No. 820 Wanchang Middle Road
Wenling City, Zhejiang Province